Application Instructions

In order to apply to this tournament, you must do so by using the online registration. If your team has been registered with Cal South in the 2022 Summer Season or Fall 2022-2023 season, you can apply to this tournament through the registration system. Listed below are the steps necessary to register for the tournament.

  1. Login using your Cal South login information (Cal South Login Page)
  2. Click the TEAM tab
  3. Click on Apply to Tournament
  4. Select the tournament you wish to apply to from the drop-list
  5. Click the "Register" button to create your application

Once you complete these steps, you should see your new tournament application listed under the "Tournaments & Schedules" tab. You can click on the "edit" link to make any modifications to the application. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the application process and submit your application.

Please note: You must be a team administrator to apply to the tournament; the team must be registered in the 2022 Summer season or Fall 2022-2023 season to apply.

Unaffiliated teams please email us at to register your team.